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Wealthperx offers a unique membership that anyone in the world can gain access to. Discover how to play on hundreds or even thousands of Powerball & MegaMillions tickets every month  and get paid to do it, Win or Lose. 

1. Play The Lottery... Smarter!

1. ​Play The Lottery... Smarter!

1. Play The Lottery... Smarter!

​There are plenty of systems available today to try and increase odds in the lottery. People spend money on all sorts of techniques that do very little to increase odds. Things like analyzing hot numbers or histories, wheeling systems, and more.
The only true way to increase lottery odds is to play on more tickets. That’s something most of these systems have you do anyway.

Lottery pools win a higher percentage of jackpots. They have more purchasing power, so they can buy more tickets.
ConAgra Food Plant workers split a $365 million dollar Powerball jackpot in 2006. But lottery pools have a tremendous downside.

As the size of the pool increases, potential payouts decrease. If you were in a lottery pool totaling ten people, your proceeds would be ten percent of the winnings. If the pool were 100 people, you would only receive one percent. At some point, potential earnings would be so small it wouldn’t be worth it to be in the pool.

WealthPerx Changes That For Lottery Players…

2. receive a monthly royalty Income

2. Receive A Monthly Royalty Income

​​As a Director you​ receive a monthly income on all first and second tier sales made. ​

You get paid half the membership fee ​every single month, on every Director you enroll. This means all you need to do is refer two directors ​and you get a FREE ride! Everything over that is money in your pocket.

​But there's more...

2. Receive A Monthly Royalty Income

3. Wealthperx Mindset  

3. WealthPerx Mindset

Mindset is key to wealth. The movie “The Secret” has bought the Law of Attraction to mainstream, but there’s only so much which can be accomplished by watching a 90 minute movie.

If you want The Law of Attraction working for you, several steps need to be mastered and implemented in the correct order. One of the earliest programs to present it correctly (developed in the early 1900’s) is The Master Key System by Charles Haanel.

Haanel sold the course to participants at a cost of $1,500, which in today’s standards would equate to over $25,000. Lessons were delivered to participants one at a time every week over a 24 week period.

4. Trade and invest like a pro

4. Trade & Invest like a pro

​No “Wealth” umbrella of services would be complete without discussing trading and investing. AstroTechTrading is an online only service covering world indices (like the Dow Jones, S&P500, DAX) US Dollar, Some Stocks, Forex, Silver, Gold, and Oil.
If you ever wondered how markets “truly” work and want to profit by their moves on any timeframe, this is a must.

AstroTechTrading predicted every major pivot point in the market since the service launched. Both timing and price got nailed. An end to this decade-long bull run is on the horizon and may have already started by the time you read this.

Discover how to protect yourself and profit under all market conditions, up or down.

5. Exclusive Savings Club  

5. Exclusive Savings Club  

5. Exclusive Savings Club

The average couple spends an average of $625 per month on groceries. These figures are according to the USDA’s moderate-cost plan. If your family is larger and/or you live in a more expensive area of the US, this figure will be much higher.

This service saves you money on products you are already buying. You also get discounts dining out. There are no hassles or gimmicks.

Print out the coupons you need, and present at the cash register wherever you shop. Coupons are also available by mail for those who do not have Internet Access.

At $625 per month, a 50% savings equates to $312.50 per month. Even a savings of $100 per month is significant and more than welcome in any household.

The WealthPerx Savings Club is included in all ​levels of membership.

6. Automated Marketing Systems

6. Automated Marketing Systems

Every month WealthPerx runs an advertising coop. We do all the work and rotate prospects generated through our efforts to your self-replicating page. They receive a copy of our Wealthperx Membership Booklet, with your ID number embedded at the end to enroll. Online autoresponders follow-up with prospects on your behalf.

If you wanted to increase conversion, you can contact these prospects yourself and follow-up, but even a 100% hands off approach keeps your pipeline constantly flooded with new people looking, and enrolling under you!

It doesn’t get any simpler.

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