WealthPerx offers a unique lottery pool with two levels of membership, Silver and Gold.

Join as a Silver Member today for only $40

Join as a Gold Member today for only $100

The only catch is the lottery drawings.

If you want to play in Powerball at all, you have to be a Gold Member. That means if you enroll a Gold Member and they hit the Powerball Jackpot, although you will receive a monthly commission, lottery winnings will pass you by to the next Gold Member.

Your pool can be unlimited in size in both lotteries with cost never increasing. As the pool grows, your monthly referral income increases and so do your lottery odds.

It’s not going to matter much in the grand scheme of things, but the company gets 1% of winnings before they are distributed. It’s only fair that if we make it possible for you to win $10 million on a $100 million jackpot, we should get something out of it… Getting paid $9,900,000 instead will surely make you happy… So 99% of all lottery winnings are distributed to members.

And that’s it! There are no catches and no fine print.

You can enroll in this program, do nothing, and will have better odds at playing the lottery, or you can build a pool and your income without having to pay higher membership fees. Join WealthPerx Today!