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​“Discover How To Play on Hundreds or Even Thousands of Powerball & MegaMillions Tickets Every Month and Get Paid To Do It, Win or Lose!”
“If it’s so simple, why isn’t everyone doing this?”
“What’s the catch?”
I’ll bet (no pun intended) those words crossed your mind when you responded to this. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?
And that’s the biggest catch.
This loophole has been flying under the radar since 1996.
It remains that way because many people refuse to explore why the unbelievable claim is 100% true.
You are past that.
You were right to be skeptical. Of course you need to take a few steps for this to work, but nothing difficult. It’s so simple, a child or grandparent can do it.
You may have seen similar types of money-making plans, but nothing like this. They may have looked great on paper, but real world performance was dreadful. Were you ever given a proven gameplan to make any of them work?
This little book will show you everything, from start to finish.
You don’t need any experience.
You don’t need Internet access or even a computer to make it work.
You don’t need “sales experience” or even need to sell.
You don’t need anything except an open mind and willingness to follow a simple plan.
WealthPerx offers several benefits. The top two are:
1. Increased lottery odds.
2. A monthly income regardless of lottery outcomes.
Since these are the most likely reasons you are here, let’s cut to the chase and get right to it.

1. Get Paid To Play the lottery... even if you never win!

1. Get Paid To Play the lottery... even if you never win!

1. Get Paid To Play the lottery...

even if you never win!

​There are plenty of systems available today to try and increase odds in the lottery. People spend money on all sorts of techniques that do very little to increase odds. Things like analyzing hot numbers or histories, wheeling systems, and more.
The only true way to increase lottery odds is to play on more tickets. That’s something most of these systems have you do anyway.

Lottery pools win a higher percentage of jackpots. They have more purchasing power, so they can buy more tickets.
ConAgra Food Plant workers split a $365 million dollar Powerball jackpot in 2006. But lottery pools have a tremendous downside.
As the size of the pool increases, potential payouts decrease. If you were in a lottery pool totalling ten people, your proceeds would be ten percent of the winnings. If the pool were 100 people, you would only receive one percent. At some point, potential earnings would be so small it wouldn’t be worth it to be in the pool.

WealthPerx Changes That For Lottery Players…

WealthPerx offers two types of lottery pools, Player and Director. Each of those two offer three levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Bronze offers tickets in every Florida Lotto drawing. Silver includes Florida Lotto and Powerball. Gold includes Florida Lotto, Powerball, MegaMillions, and the multiplier for MegaMillions.

Let’s start with the Player Pool, since it is like common pools you are already familar with. It’s straightforward.
You enroll and the company assigns seven other Players to your pool. You are playing on eight tickets in every drawing at your level of membership. Those seven tickets, plus your own. You receive your lottery numbers as soon as you enroll and begin playing the following month. WealthPerx handles everything. They purchases the tickets, store them in a safe place, redeem them, and pay out all winnings to pool members. As a Player, there is nothing else for you to do. Sit back, and enjoy this and other WealthPerx benefits discussed later.

If you enroll as a Bronze player, you are playing on at least 64 Florida lottery tickets each month at a cost of $30 (A $64 value). A Silver Player is entered into 64 Florida Lottery drawings and 64 Powerball drawings at a monthly cost of $60 (a $192 value). ​Besides Silver Player benefits, Gold Players play in MegaMillions drawings with the multiplier. This would cost $394 to do on your own, but Gold Player membership is only $130 monthly. If you or anyone on your team win anything in any of the drawings, the payout is 10% of the proceeds. WealthPerx pays out 100% of all lottery winnings (regardless of size) to members. Player Pools consist of eight Players and two Directors. Each of the ten receive ten percent of winning proceeds.

You will see Director Pools are far more powerful, but Player Pools are great for those who never want to miss a lottery drawing and have no desire to be a WealthPerx Director. Think of this as lottery insurance. You play in every single drawing from anywhere in the world, even places with no lottery. The WealthPerx system picks the best numbers for you in each drawing and plays them. You get more tickets than you would be able buy on your own. You also receive other benefits, such as the Grocery Savings Club. This alone can offset the cost of membership.

You may be wondering…

“Wait a minute… I thought I was going to be able to play on thousands of tickets every month and get paid, even if they lose. This sounds like a more sensible way to play, with better odds, but there’s no guarantee of money unless I win.”
And here’s where you are going to see something you have never seen before...

2. Receive a monthly royalty income

2. Receive a monthly royalty income

2. Receive a monthly royalty income

Ten people are in a Player Pool and ten percent of all winnings get distributed to each pool member. Director pools are a completely different structure. As a director, you receive 50% of your own ticket winnings instead of the 10% Players get. You get 10% of all winnings on the rest of the tickets in your pool.

But how big is that pool? This is going to sound impossible, but there is no limit.

As a Director, you start with a blank slate. You build your own pool by referring others to the program. You play on their lottery tickets every month and receive ten percent of all ticket winnings. You can refer both Directors and Players, but Players do not have the option of referring anyone. Other Players get assigned to their pool. That right there sounds good in itself, doesn’t it? You have seen the first step to creating an unlimited pool size. Anyone and everyone you refer is in your pool. You play on their lottery tickets and receive ten percent of all winnings.

But wait a minute… that’s only 60%. Where do the rest of the lottery winnings go?

And here’s where it gets interesting.

Everyone who enrolls as a Director is going to want to build their pool. You saw how (from a width perspective) there is no limit to pool size. Now let’s look at depth. For the sake of example, suppose you only enrolled five people and stopped. You could enroll many more, or even less, and most people consistently refer others, but let’s use this as an example. If those five went out and did the same thing, they would have five people under them. You would have the five you enrolled under you and twenty five under them. You play on those twenty five tickets too.

Here’s what happens when this scenario duplicates itself five levels deep:
When five enroll five, you have 25 on level two.
When 25 enroll five, you have 125 on level three.
When 125 enroll five, you have 625 on level four.
When 625 enroll five, you have 3,125 on level five.
Add it all up and it comes to 3,905 people in your pool.

You would play on 31,240 Florida lottery tickets every month. If any of them win anything, you get ten percent (plus 50% of your own winnings). Everything gets paid out, small or big. If 1,000 people have $3 winnings tickets, you get ten percent of it, or $300. If one of them hits a $10 million jackpot, you get a million dollars, plus all the small winnings added up.

Many people still don’t get it and ask how it’s possible to pay 3,905 people ten percent, so let’s clear that up. Your pool is 3,905 people but each winning ticket in your pool pays six people, one of which will be you.

You saw how you got paid a million dollars on a ten million dollar jackpot, but look at it in reverse:
If your numbers hit a $10 million jackpot, you get $5 million. One million gets paid to the person who referred you. One million gets paid to the person who referred that person. This continues until the chain of 5 who referred you each receive a million dollars. In other words, you are always playing on every ticket in your pool. You will always get paid on winning tickets, but there are only 6 people who will play on a single ticket and get paid.

That should clear it up.

Players in your Director Pool are two levels deep instead of five. This is where the other 20% of Player Pool winnings get paid out. Ten percent goes to the eight people in the pool. The ninth person in the pool is the Director who referred the Player with the winning ticket. The tenth person is the Director who referred that Director.

As a Director, your pool is five levels deep on all other Directors and two levels deep on all Players.

At the lowest level of Bronze Director, you play in all Florida Lottery drawings. If you have Directors or Players at higher levels in your pool, you only share in their Florida Lotto tickets.

As a Silver Director, you play on all Florida Lotto and Powerball drawings. If you have Gold Players or Directors under you any Mega Millions winnings go to the next Gold Director.

Gold Director is the Ultimate WealthPerx Position. You play on everything in your entire pool.

Back to the example:
A pool started with five Gold Directors, which duplicated itself five levels deep plays on $124,960 worth of lottery tickets every month.
That is something impossible to do on your own. Look at the power of leverage here, from both a financial perspective and odds increasing.

But wait... It Gets Better, Much Better…

As a Director you also get paid on every single person whose tickets you are playing on, even if they lose!

How much?

You get paid half the membership fee (up to your level of membership), every single month, on every Director you enroll. This means all you need to do is refer two directors at or above your level of membership and you get a FREE ride! Everything over that is money in your pocket.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Director positions are $60, $120, and $260 per month, respectively.

If you are a Bronze Director and enroll two Bronze Directors, your commission of $30 from each offsets your membership fee. The company will simply not bill you at this point and pay out any excess. If you are a Bronze Director and enroll two Gold Directors, your commission still totals $60. Your membership is now free. If you were Gold instead, your commission would be$260 which makes it free. It would be silly to stay at this level since either position is now FREE. Why miss out on higher payouts, or even worse, have a MegaMillions jackpot pass you by?

You can always upgrade or downgrade at any point by contacting the company. Keep in mind, changes do not occur until the following month.
Let’s look at the entire pay plan:
On Level one, you get paid half the membership fee on all directors.
On levels two through five, you get paid $2 each on Bronze Directors, $4 each on Silver Directors, and $8 each on Gold Directors.
On level one you are also paid $5 for each Bronze Player, $10 for each Silver Player, and $20 for each Gold Player.
On level two you are also paid $2 for each Bronze Player, $4 for each Silver Player, and $8 for each Gold Player.

That covers every member in your pool. The only qualification for full payment is to be at or above the level of membership of pool members. If you are Bronze and have a Silver or Gold, you get paid at the Bronze level. The rest rolls up to the next qualified Director, just like lottery winnings would pass you by.

Now, go back to the lottery pool example where you saw how you could be playing on 31,240 Florida lotto tickets, plus your own...
You Get Paid $7,950 Each Month, Even if Every Ticket is a Worthless Loser!

If that pool were all Gold Members, your check would be over $30,000.

If your only desire is too earn an extra thousand dollars a month, snag it by referring nine Gold Directors. Whatever they do to build their pool grows your income without any further effort on your part. Keep in mind, these are only examples for illustration purposes. It never happens like this in the real world.

Some people will go at it like gangbusters, recruiting over 20 people per month. Some will enroll a few and stop. Some will stay at it each month and grow their monthly check slowly. And some will not build a business at all, but stay active for the benefits.
These examples illustrate what’s possible, but this is certain:
Once you enroll two Directors at or above your level of membership, you are playing the lottery FOR FREE.
Anything beyond that increases lottery odds and your monthly income.
Is that amazing or what?

Shortly you’ll see simple tactics to build a large pool and monthly income. First, there are more benefits you should be aware of.

3. ​Wealth​ Mindset ​ 

3. Wealth​ Mindset

Mindset is key to wealth. The movie “The Secret” has bought the Law of Attraction to mainstream, but there’s only so much which can be accomplished by watching a 90 minute movie.

If you want The Law of Attraction working for you, several steps need to be mastered and implemented in the correct order. One of the earliest programs to present it correctly (developed in the early 1900’s) is The Master Key System by Charles Haanel.
Haanel sold the course to participants at a cost of $1,500, which in today’s standards would equate to over $25,000. Lessons were delivered to participants one at a time every week over a 24 week period.

You start with simple concepts and exercises, build a core foundation early on, and compound your results as you progress. In today’s times, meditation, focused concentration, and other required steps are tough to achieve.

Distractions and frequencies emitted by everything around us interfere with our ability to get in the “right” brain state for this to work. Brainwave entrainment bypasses these obstacles and puts you in the right state for any purpose.

Rapid Manifestation Takes The Master Key System To a New Level With
These Modern-Day Technological Advances:

  • Content gets delivered through an online portal instead of postal mail. You can either read the lesson content or listen to it on audio.
  • A Learning Module uses brainwave entrainment to get you in the best state to absorb and retain the material.
  • Study questions are presented in “Drop Down” box format. You see the question, say the answer to yourself, then click to reveal the correct answer to make sure you have mastered the concepts.
  • Subliminal modules are encoded with Isochronic tones. Music is tuned to 432hz. This gets you to a state where the gatekeeper of the conscious mind can be bypassed. Then, the recorded positive affirmations get implanted into your brain
  • The exercise at the end of each lesson is available on audio. This guidance keeps your brain at the right frequency. You don’t have to memorize what to do by reading text, then switching back and forth.
  • Exercises are brainwave entrainment encoded. This gets you to the proper state for meditation, creativity, learning, or focused concentration. Here, free-flow thought occurs.

There’s much more. You’ll get a complete understanding of how this works and what it does by visiting:

Now you’re probably wondering how much this great system will set you back.

If you weren’t a WealthPerx Member, the Rapid Manifestation online course with everything mentioned runs $214. This course has been online and available to retail customers, but for the very first time, WealthPerx members can get it at a deep discount. How’s a $214 discount sound? In other words, ABSOLUTELY FREE to all six membership levels.

WealthPerx Directors have the opportunity to earn income by selling it retail through an affiliate link. No other affiliate opportunities are provided to resell the program as an affiliate, other than as a WealthPerx Director.

4. Trade and invest like a pro

4. Trade & Invest like a pro

​No “Wealth” umbrella of services would be complete without discussing trading and investing. AstroTechTrading is an online only service covering world indices (like the Dow Jones, S&P500, DAX) US Dollar, Some Stocks, Forex, Silver, Gold, and Oil.
If you ever wondered how markets “truly” work and want to profit by their moves on any timeframe, this is a must.
Some of What’s Included:

  • Videos on How to access markets around the clock, not just when the NYSE is open
  • Videos explaining access to financial instruments “pros” use. These maximize leverage and reduce risk
  • How to set up an account and trade immediately
  • Short and Long Term Market projections on all asset classes covered
  • Trade calls with entry and exit points
  • A Real-Time discussion room
  • Trader’s Blog Access with frequent updates
  • A “Noise Free” Chat Room Where Only Trade Calls Are Posted​

AstroTechTrading predicted every major pivot point in the market since the service launched. Both timing and price got nailed. An end to this decade-long bull run is on the horizon and may have already started by the time you read this. Discover how to protect yourself and profit under all market conditions, up or down.
See the website for more details, but don’t enroll there. Retail subscriptions are $530 for three months, averaging over $170 monthly.
As a WealthPerx member, you can access the service for as little as $53 per month. Don’t tell anyone in the public room what you are paying. Most subscribers have been active long before AstroTechTrading was offered to WealthPerx Members. They are paying retail prices.
There is a tremendous audience of traders and investors who would love this service. As proven, they are paying much higher prices for it.

5. Exclusive Savings Club

5. Exclusive Savings Club

The average couple spends an average of $625 per month on groceries. These figures are according to the USDA’s moderate-cost plan. If your family is larger and/or you live in a more expensive area of the US, this figure will be much higher.

This service saves you money on products you are already buying. You also get discounts dining out. There are no hassles or gimmicks.

Print out the coupons you need, and present at the cash register wherever you shop. Coupons are also available by mail for those who do not have Internet Access.

At $625 per month, a 50% savings equates to $312.50 per month. Even a savings of $100 per month is significant and more than welcome in any household.

The WealthPerx Savings Club is included in all six levels of membership.

​6. ​Vacation Club

​6. ​Vacation Club

​All six levels of membership offer access to 3-day, 2-night discount vacation getaways. Silver Players and Silver Directors also receive access to an airfare / hotel getaway for two. Gold Players and Gold Directors also have access to a two night Bahama Cruise Getaway.

All three Director Positions get access to a 6-night Mexico Beach Resort Getaway. Silver Directors also have access to a 4-night Golf ‘n Stay Gateway. Gold Directors get all vacation benefits mentioned plus a 7-day Resort/Condo Getaway.

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